This story brought uncontrolable tears to my eyes when I first saw it. I have watched it about 3 times now, and I still have the same reaction. Imagine giving someone your last while you are in need because you recognize that their need is greater than yours. It's a scary feeling, but it feels good. This is the story of a bread maker named Katherine, who gave her last to a widow.

Katherine had an accident that left her with two rods in her hip because it was broken. She started saving money to get a new car because the vehicle that she had needed extensive repair. One day, her bosses wife asked her how her car fund was going. She replied to her that she gave the $5,000 that she had saved to a widow that was in need. Shocked, the stores owners wife rushed home and told her husband that they needed to help Katherine.

In a true 'pay it forward' move, the boss got her a new light colored SUV with cruise control. Which is exactly what Katherine wanted. "We don't give in order to receive, we give because it's the nature of Jesus Christ", is what Katherine stated about giving the $5,000 to the widow. She never thought that she would get the car she needed as quickly as she did.