Kate Winslet was among the guests who were unharmed when a fire caused by tropical storm Irene destroyed part of tycoon Richard Branson’s vacation complex in the British Virgin Islands — and became a hero when she rescued Branson’s elderly mother from the blaze.

“Kate Winslet, her boyfriend and her family were there,” said Branson, who was staying in another house about 100 yards away. “Holly [Branson's daughter] and some of her friends were also staying. My mother was there and they managed to get her out and she is fine.”

Branson credited the actress with rescuing his mother, noting, “My mum is 90 and can walk, but it was more just to speed the process up than anything else. But anyway, she was great. She swept her up into her arms and got them out of the house as fast as possible,

Winslet’s spokeswoman confirmed the actress and her family were unharmed.

[via Yahoo!]