If you were among the lucky people to grab a copy of Frank Ocean’s Boys Don’t Cry zine, then you read some awesome writings by several artists in pop culture, including one by Kanye West. The mercurial rapper-producer penned a rather amusing poem about the iconic fast-food chain McDonald’s.

Entirely written about Mikey D's, Yeezy waxes poetically about the "evil french fries" and how they make the other foods jealous because they are so delicious.

“McDonald’s man / McDonald’s man / The French fries had a plan / The French fries had a plan,” West begins the poem, adding, "I always knew them french fries was evil man / Smelling all good and s--- / I don't trust no food that smells that good man / I don't trust it."

The poem ends with all of the food items being jealous except for one brand. "Everybody was jealous of them french fries / Except for that one special guy / That smooth apple pie," he writes.

As we previously reported, Frank Ocean launched pop-up shops in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and London where fans can grab a free copy of his Boys Don't Cry zine to accompany his album, Blonde. The book contains photographs and writings from Ocean, Nabil Elderkin, Viviane Sassen, Tom Sachs and others. Copies of Boys Don’t Cry are already up on eBay, fetching up to $1000.

Ocean contribute several written passages in the zine as well. One poem is called "Boyfriend," which is pretty much about a man he admires.

Check out images of both Kanye West and Frank Ocean's poems below.