It looks like Kanye West is returning to earlier production sounds (circa 'College Dropout') on his upcoming sixth solo album. Back in the days, Yeezy was known for his sped-up soul samples and knocking snares.

According to Heatmakerz producer Rsonist, the G.O.O.D. Music leader sought him out to help rekindle that soulful fire.

"I got a record on Kanye's new project that I guess he's been working on for a minute now," he told MTV News. "Anybody that's familiar with Heatmakerz, it's old school, epic Heatmakerz, like soul music at its best. Kanye reached out to us because he wanted that old Heatmakerz sound."

If you're not familiar with the Heatmakerz -- sonic crafters Rsonist and Thrilla -- they have produced songs for Juelz Santana ('Shottas'), Dipset ('Dipset Anthem') and Lil Wayne ('Tha Mobb'), among many others. The production duo worked with Fred the Godson on his new mixtape, 'Contraband.'

Given that West's production style has grown and varied throughout his career, it's good to hear that he's getting back to his sonic roots. Hopefully, we'll hear that old 'Slow Jamz' vibe again.

"We all came up together during the whole Jay-Z Roc-A-Fella era and all that so yeah, it's typical Heatmakerz," says Rsonist about the song. "Old school soul music. It's dope."

Watch MTV Interview With the Heatmakerz Producer Rsonist