Strange things are afoot in the Twittersphere.

On the afternoon of Oct. 4, 2012, Kanye West, the 35-year-old rapper known as @kanyewest on Twitter, deleted all of his tweets, leaving only a single, mysterious message for his fans.

As of now, his 8.6 million followers are trying to decipher the meaning of this lone tweet:


It was like the internet version of GONE FISHIN'. But wait -- where are all of Kanye’s other tweets?

Why did he delete them?

Where did he go?

Girlfriend Kim Kardashian is still tweeting away, so they didn’t get sucked into a wormhole together.

But have they split? She does have twice as many followers as he does. Maybe he couldn’t handle tweeting in the shadows of the vast Kardashian empire.

Regardless, we're sad to see his culturally significant missives obliterated. Sometimes he opined about how damned hard it is to get cherub imagery on Persian rugs, and sometimes he mused about receiving visually pleasing photos of his oh-so-modest girlfriend. And overall, he always tweeted inane first-world banalities that were worshipfully retweeted by fans in the vain hope of catching the rapper's quixotic attention.

As of now, the mystery remains. It’s hard to say where @kanyewest might have gone, but we're thinking someone should check Taylor Swift’s account. Maybe he's tweeting from there.