Kanye West has been on one with his rants lately. From city to city, he's let disgust with the "marginalization" of this capitalistic world be heard, plus the fact that he hates Nike. But as 'Ye took the stage in Tampa, Fla., Saturday (Nov. 30), his 7,408 fans saw he had a lot to say, and it had nothing to do with the evil ways of the world holding another black man down.

This time, the rapper's rant had everything to do with his displeasure over the lasers shooting from the mountain created for his show, the wrong lights being used onstage, the color-filled LED screen showing his face and some woman named Laura who didn't make his voice deep enough for the mic.

According to the Tampa Tribune, West was "just a few seconds into his third song" before he "demanded the music be stopped [and] he stormed off to the back of the stage. The lighting wasn't to his liking, and he said the "offending lights" needed to be turned off "now!" And as expected, Yeezy had some additional choice words for his crew to hear that the crowd just happened to "accidentally" get a taste of.

It took a mere 60 seconds to adhere to all of 'Ye's requests, and as quickly as he stormed offstage, he was back on performing 'Send It Up' with no hesitation. It's not secret that the Chicago-born MC is an artistic perfectionist, so 60 seconds of fallibility is like a week in hell, so to speak. But as always, the show must go on.