What would you do if you had an impromptu meeting with Kanye West? Kick a freestyle! That’s what a budding rapper did when he ran into Yeezy outside of the House of Blues venue in Los Angeles Saturday (Feb. 7).

TMZ was right there when Cameron Grey begged West to give him a shot to spit a couple of bars for him. The ‘Bound 2’ rapper obliged him, while his guy pal, Justin Bieber, stood by and watched.

Grey performed a decent freestyle and then a written version for the rapper-producer. The verdict? It wasn't bad and he does have some potential.

Impressed by the Grey’s enthusiasm, West asked if he was willing to start from the bottom. “I’m down to start anything. I just wanna learn,” he said, before adding that he just graduated from college.

We don't know if West found his next rap superstar, but impromptu auditions like this is how Big Sean got signed to G.O.O.D. Music.

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