Don't mess with Yeezus on stage. Some fans learned this the hard way when they were kicked out of Kanye West's concert recently for throwing business cards during a tour stop on the West Coast.

Four particularly rowdy fans were shown the door during a Yeezus tour show in Tacoma, Wash., after the producer-rapper saw a business card being thrown at him from their section.

West was performing his 2004 track 'All Falls Down' when he stopped mid-song to address the issue. "Who business card is this? Whose is this? I seen it come from that direction so all four of you gotta go," he explained. "Unless one person raise their hand and say, 'I'm the one who did it,' all that whole section gotta go."

"These cubes goin' 20 feet in the air, fam. We risking our lives up here. You can't be throwing s--- that we gon' slip on," said West before telling security the entire section had to leave.

The Chicago native went on with the show, moving into his 2005 hit, 'Diamonds From Sierra Leone,' off his sophomore album, 'Late Registration.'