Not long after Kacie the Intern starting working with us this semester, I found out that she wasn't exactly the biggest fan of haunted houses.

She should have kept that to herself.

With Halloween on the horizon, I knew we had the perfect opportunity to introduce Kacie to working with us the right way ... or the completely wrong way, if you want to be honest.

So, we took it upon ourself to have Kacie face her fear of haunted houses. By herself. On camera. And at Terror Nights' Chisel Tooth Manor haunted house in Tyler. 

We made the trip to Terror Nights on Saturday (Oct. 11), introduced Kacie to the entire crew and then we sent her inside with no one else with her other than me behind her with a GoPro camera attached to my head (and forgive seeing my phone, too -- had to have a backup!).

She even sported a t-shirt that read "Scare Me" on the front and "Not Him" on the back -- I was only there to film, after all!

Needless to say, she did better than I thought she would, but all of the actors and crew at Terror Nights did a fantastic job of getting her properly scared. A big thank you to Ryan and everyone at Terror Nights for helping us out with this project. Don't forget to visit their website to get a time and go get properly scared yourself. 

Now, for the good stuff. It's a lengthy trip through the house, but it's worth it. Promise.

Kacie the Intern at Terror Nights in Tyler