K. Michelle recently appeared on the Wendy Williams show and talked about everything from her big ole butt, her book and this rumor about her and her rumored relationship with Idris Elba, and you know I got the tea!

K. revealed that she and the handsome Idris met at the Soul Train Awards and they just clicked. She also admitted that her new album "Anybody Wanna Buy A Heart" is about a relationship with Idris Elba, including the song "Maybe I Should Call."

Wendy asked her what happened and why did they break up. Michelle admitted that she was the side chick, because Idris had a woman but she did not know they were as tight as they are. Even though there were a lot of tough times, she says that he remained a gentleman throughout the whole ordeal.

Check out the video to "Maybe I Should Call." That was a serious affair!