Today’s lesson is about compassion as a woman learned her credit card was stolen and instead of calling the police she tracked down the suspect and decided to handle things a different way.

ABC 13 reports Chantel McKinney used her credit card in a department store in Tennessee then proceeded to another store, but realized she didn’t have her card.  Chantel then received a text message saying her card was used at a restaurant so when she arrived she watched the surveillance camera as a young woman used her card.

McKinney went to social media asking for help in identifying the individual and within a few hours the mother of the young lady responded and agreed to meet up at a local police station.  When she arrived, the young lady was in the car crying and that’s when Chantel had a change of heart.

I figured okay, you've got two options - you can let her go into the system, which is hard to get out of, or you can show her kindness, forgiveness and love.  I began to explain to her the value and the consequences of taking something that doesn't belong to you.

The young lady was very remorseful, apologized and gave the money back and in return, Chantel took a selfie with her and shared her story on social media.

Kudos to Chantel for having compassion during that incident and let’s hope the young lady learned a valuable lesson and changed her ways.