Well after a long court battle, the verdict is in. The judge made a ruling and sided with the people at Toys R Us. Double D's Restaurant will not be opened, for now at least. More after the jump.

Recently, Toys R Us in Tyler filed a restraining order against Double D's restaurant, prohibiting Double D Ranch Grill & Bar from putting up signage and making physical changes to the property. They are saying that the morality of Tyler would be compromised by the restaurant.

The judge upheld the temporary injunction and the restaurant will have to wait until November for a trial. The owners are allowed to open and operate a different restaurant there, but not a Double D's.

This includes:
-Using the name "Double D" or "DD" Ranch on or in association with the property
-Using the horseshoe logo on or in association with the property
-Employing wait staff in "scantily clad" or "semi nude" attire
-Continuing with alterations to the property without consent from Toys R Us

The goal of the court is to allow them to operate as per the lease. We'll keep an eye out for more information as it comes.