Oh, to be a young, good-looking, talented and famous couple in love. While Jelena and Haylor are either breaking up every five minutes or crashing and burning before they really take off, respectively, it's refreshing to see a long-term and stable relationship like that of Jordin Sparks and Jason Derulo. The couple snuggle up in a date night-themed feature for the February 2013 issue of Glamour.

One only need to look at the photos once to see how in love they are, from how they look at one another to how tactile they are. We don't often see them stumbling out of clubs at 3AM or fighting in front of the paparazzi flashbulbs. They are low-key but they are strong, and it shows in how they stare at each other, enraptured.

In the feature, Derulo says that Sparks is "transformed" by the ways in which she wears her hair and that he calls her different pet names depending on how she styles her hair. You're either going "Awww!" right now or wanted to throw up because they are so cute they make you sick!

He says she is "Simone" when she rocks a prim and proper bun and "Chiquita" when she lets her mane go all wild and curly.

OMG, could that be any more disgustingly cute? We sorta love how how her thick, lush hair is such a major visual component of the images, in conjunction with her man's quotes.

Sparks even mentioned the "m" word -- marriage -- saying they are in no rush, but they are not scared of it, either.

Sparks and Derulo are a rarity in Hollywood -- a young couple that's stable despite very public careers. It goes without saying that his neck injury last year certainly helped make them stronger and closer.


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