76-year-old Henry Spooner was sentenced to life in prison with no chance of parole for shooting and killing teenage neighbor Darius Simmons after accusing him of stealing guns and weapons from his Milwaukee home.

John H. Spooner has always admitted to shooting the 13-year-old in the chest in front of the teenager's mother. Spooner was convicted by a jury last week of first-degree intentional homicide. Spooner was denied the possibility of parole at a sentencing hearing yesterday. He also took the stand during the trial against the advice of his attorney and said he considered Simmons' death "justice."

Patricia Larry, Darius' mother, said justice was served when the jury rejected Spooner's insanity plea. A wrongful-death lawsuit against Spooner is pending.

Spooner had a break-in at his home two days before he shot Darius and some of his shotguns were stolen. Spooner believed Darius was the person who broke into his home. Police searched the teen's home and did not find any weapons.

A security camera caught the entire incident and surprisingly, it was the home security system for the home of John Spooner. The video and was entered into evidence during the trial.