It's stories like this that make me want to have my affairs in order when I pass away to avoid family feuds.

Hollywood Director John Singleton has been dead for only 48 hours and his family wasted no time fighting over his estate.

According to TMZ, Singleton's mother Sheila Ward who handles all his business affairs has obtain a will from the late director valued at $35 million while his daughter Cleopatra filed a motion to block her grandmother's conservatorship.

Cleopatra is one of Singleton's 7 children and accused her grandmother to potentially leave them out of the decision making and it eventually ended when he passed away.

Under California law his assets would be divided between his children if no will was made, but because of the will John made the decision on who gets what or if anything at all.

John Singleton passed away Monday (April 29) 13 days after suffering a major stroke and placed on life support.