The shooting deaths of five police officers at a Black Lives Matters rally in Dallas, Texas by a lone gunman have certainly provoke a wide range emotions from people, including anger, grief and sorrow.

Critics were quick to blame the BLM movement, suggesting that the organization was responsible for the tragic shootings, which is untrue.

On Friday (July 8), John Legend went on his Twitter account to express his sorrow for the families of the fallen officers but also defended his support for the Black Lives Matters movement. However, former Congressman-turned-radio host Joe Walsh jumped on his Twitter account to announced a war against BLM and blamed President Obama for the deaths of five police officers.

"3 Dallas cops killed, 7 wounded. This is now war," Walsh wrote in a now since-deleted tweet. "Watch out Obama. Watch out black lives matter punks. Real America is coming after you."

When the Grammy-winning pianist caught wind of Walsh’s Twiter rant, he tweeted that he should be arrested for threatening the President. Oh, and he should also "STFU."

Legend then wrote, "When you believe 'Real America' does not include the President of America, you might be a racist. He then finished, "Oh and Black Lives Matter activists are Real Americans too. Our ancestors more than paid for the right."

*Microphone Drop*

Granted, we are going through some difficult times as America tries to cope with the Dallas police shootings, but now is not the time to start pointing fingers and playing the blame game. We must heal as a nation and figure out how we can end the cycle of violence that continues to occur in our cities.

Props to Legend for speaking the truth in the wake of these unfortunate tragedies.

Read John Legend's tweets below.

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