On tonight’s episode of ‘Duets,’ superstar John Legend and his amateur singing partner Bridget Carrington, who staved on elimination after landing in the bottom two, thanks to the voting public, offered up their torchy rendition of Nat King Cole’s ‘Unforgettable.’ It was the “standards” episode, and Legend and Carrington chose wisely.

Carrington, a tax collector by day and a striking, golden goddess in a lemon yellow, floor-sweeping column gown by night, at least when she took the ‘Duets’ stage, dodged the elimination bullet and commented on it.  After performing, she said, “I did not want to go back home and collect taxes.” We don’t blame her. While we don’t doubt that she is a capable number cruncher, we’d bet she’s a better singer.

As for the perf, the song was a perfect choice for Legend and Carrington to allow their voices to play off one another. It was a classic song and they treated it as such. Legend is smooth like butter and a class act, and Carrington is polished in both her look and her sound, so the terrific twosome pretty much nailed it. They didn’t compete with each other within the space of the song. But they didn’t bring the house down either, which is something to consider.

Will be it enough to keep Carrington in the competition for another week? That’s up to the voting public, which we have to remind you, did push Carrington to the bottom and to the brink of elimination.

Watch John Legend + Bridget Carrington Perform ‘Unforgettable’ on ‘Duets’