We all know that Jesse Boykins III has some soulful pipes, but he’s also an incredibly nimble dancer as well. In the lyric video for his new single, 'Plain,' the singer displays his fancy footwork.

The simple love song, with its melodic keyboards and infectious beat, is from Boykins' upcoming album 'Love Apparatus.'

In the video, directed by Harrison Boyce, we see the crooner dancing to the rhythm of the beat in various snowy locations in New York. While he's doing the jitterbug and ballet moves, typographic lyrics from 'Plain' are printed on the left of the screen.

As for his album, the 'Our Party' singer describes his sound as "world soul."

"The concept of world soul, just came from my travels across the globe, but also how I view soul music as a whole," he told the Grio. "Soul music comes from the heart and it’s honest."

"It’s all about connecting with your audience," he adds. "When you’re able to sing about love and culture on a different level, it becomes powerful."

Jesse Boykins III’s new album, 'Love Apparatus,' is schedule to arrive in stores on April 22.