That’s the spirit! Following all of the hullabaloo of Jennifer Lopez‘s 2012 Oscars wardrobe malfunction, she’s responding to it appropriately: by chuckling. J. Lo was presenting the Academy Award for best costume and makeup (how’s that for irony?) when her dangerously low cut gown slipped — and so did a bit of her areola. This wasn’t the first time Lopez hit the red carpet or stage in a revealing gown, but it was the first time she made the mistake of apparently not investing in double stick tape.

Thankfully, she has a sense of humor about the situation. Her personal stylist talked to TMZ and revealed as much about Lopez’s character as her dress did about her anatomy.

Rob Zangardi and Mariel Haenn, who dressed J. Lo for Hollywood’s biggest night, said she just laughed at everything. The stylists insist she was so secure in the gown that a nip slip would be essentially impossible, and they’re convinced (or so they say) that the mysterious dark spot is little more than a shadow. Uh, a shadow of what?

Regardless, if J. Lo doesn’t mind (and heaven knows all the men watching didn’t mind, either), then neither do we!