Hollywood is never satisfied.  First they criticize Jennifer Hudson for being too fat, and now they are on her for being too thin?  Blackvoices.com has the complete story.

Weight loss in Hollywood is a tricky thing. When you're bigger than a size 8, you're considered fat. When you succumb to media pressure (or that big movie role) and shed some pounds, you're praised -- that is, until you go overboard, and tabloids start wondering if you have a "problem."

Perhaps the "problem" is the juvenile peer pressure put forth by the media.

Per Hollywood's pin-thin weight ideals, one could conclude that Jennifer Hudson actually has a long way to go. However, when it comes to reality, she's looking pretty great; we have yet to see a protruding ribcage or sunken cheekbones a la Nicole Richie circa 2006, for example.

After all, it's bootylicious Beyonce whom all the men are lusting after, and it was the bodacious Christina Hendricks who was named Esquire's Hottest Woman of the Year in 2010 (based on reader-submitted votes), not Lindsay Lohan. So should Jennifer publicly be considered less appealing now that she's lost some of those curves?

So what do you think about how Jennifer Hudson looks?  I think she looks GREAT!  Post your comments below using your Facebook login!