So, you swipe right on Tinder and the next thing you know that guy is trimming your trees! I think you can safely say you've never had a social media date like this one. Here's what happened.

First and foremost, don't give me any flap over that Nebraska rock in my front yard. I love the Cornhuskers and my mom gave me that rock so it's special. Also, go Aggies. And Longhorns.

I met a guy on Tinder a couple of weeks ago and we chatted and hit it off. He owns a landscaping company, and meanwhile I got a letter from my neighborhood association saying my trees and bushes were out of control and I needed to get that mess trimmed up.

So, I asked Tinder guy if he could recommend anyone for the job.

He lived a little far out and I didn't know if his work radius included my house, plus I didn't want to seem like a needy girl who can't get these things taken care of herself.  But you know what he said? "No problem! I'll take care of it!"  OK, cool.

Saturday afternoon he came to my house and trimmed up my front yard. The big tree by the street, the landscape beds, and the whole works. It looks so much better!

It took almost two hours, and I paid for dinner afterwards to say thanks. He was happy to do the work, but I paid so I didn't feel greedy, like I was using him for his hedge trimmers.

The date posed one problem; what to wear! A first date that involves yard work? There is no textbook advice for that!

So, I ended up in nice shorts and a sheer tank with a cami underneath. Not exactly yardwork attire, but I didn't want to go with the bun, yoga shorts, and no makeup either.

He wore camo shorts, a t-shirt that had those marshmallow Peeps on the front, and flip flops. And then we took turns showering separately in my bathroom and put on nicer clothes for dinner.

The whole thing was a first! Awesome and odd at the same time.

Second date? I'm not sure yet, but maybe we can paint the living room.