The Internet went nuts recently over reports that Jay-Z adopted Beyonce's family name and merged it with his own to officially become Shawn Knowles-Carter. Now while all of this sounds cute, it's actually not true.

The Root did a little digging and was able to debunk the rumor. The website uncovered where "the source" of the story first surfaced and discovered that it came from a 2009 story, which cited the Daily Star, a news resource notorious for their unconfirmed gossip stories. The story grew wings after gossip blogs and radio stations starting reporting it without confirming it's authenticity.

So until we see official documents from Jayonce's camp, consider the story a myth -- a cute one -- but a myth.

One thing that is true is that Jay-Z and Beyonce are crazy in love. Last weekend, the couple were spotted enjoying themselves at the Sprite Two Kings event and watching the NBA All-Star Game in Houston.

In the end, we leave you with the faithful words of Jay-Z -- "We don't believe you, you need more people."

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