As expected, rapper/business mogul Jay-Z applied to become a certified baseball agent, the Major League Baseball Players Association said on Friday. Two weeks ago, Jay-Z's Roc Nation Sports, which is partnered with Creative Artists Agency, signed New York Yankees' second baseman Robinson Cano as its first client. This means Jay could be the one shaking down the Steinbrenner family for Cano's new contract after the 2013 season.

Becoming a certified baseball agent is the latest step for Jay-Z, who signed a separate agreement to assist the marketing interests of New York Giants' wide receiver Victor Cruz. Jay-Z also began selling his stake in the Brooklyn Nets NBA franchise last week so that he can court basketball players as clients someday soon.

With all the activity undertaken by Jay-Z to transition from owner to agent, it's worth asking if Hova is convinced that being an agent to talented athletes is a much better business to pursue than owning a major sports franchise. With his massive wealth attained through his artistry and entertainment ventures, Jay-Z could easily invest more heavily in a team or franchise, but instead he's choosing to side with the talent. Hmmm.