Attention all dancers of East Texas and surrounding areas.  Janet Jackson is looking for YOU as she is holding auditions for new dancers via her Instagram account.

 Hey you guys, I’ve got some really exciting news. I’m looking for dancers to dance with me on some really cool upcoming projects.

People Magazine reports, that in the video clip it shows various individuals breaking down the contest and rules for all the potential dancers of all backgrounds and sizes.

If you think you got what it takes to dance with Janet here is what you need to do.  Show you best choreography or freestyle of your favorite Janet Jackson track in the video and post your auditions on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram along with the hashtag #DanceWithJanet.

Allison Buczkowski which is one of Janet’s dancers gave a bit of advice to all the contestants:

Dancers should definitely do their research and know who they are auditioning for.  Be sure if you are auditioning in person or via one of the social media platforms, you are showing who you are. Don’t be what you think Janet will like.

So, to all the hopefuls be yourself, and be ready to show Janet what you got.   Who knows you might be on stage dancing with Ms. Jackson is ya nasty!

Good luck!