Janelle Monae is a style goddess. She's one artist who constantly uses her unique fashion sense to showcase her vibrant personality. Since the release of her first independent record The Audition in 2003, she's made her presence known not only on the sonic tip but also allowed her clothes to do the talking for her. When this singer walks in a room, you pay attention.

The Electric Lady creator has a few signature looks that have been staples in her wardrobe for year. From wearing white collared shirts and tailored suits to the occasional pair of suspenders, Janelle has managed to take a classic style and deliver different variations of it onstage and on the red carpet. Whether it's a scarf she used instead of a bow tie or outrageously puffy sleeves on a top, the Wondaland leader proves that she can give menswear a feminine touch. However in recent years, Janelle has been experimenting more with her clothing choices, and we're not just talking about how wide her black trousers are.

Instead, she's been replacing her flat footwear with stiletto heels and has also decided to show more skin -- in a tasteful way of course. In her video for "Electric Lady," Janelle let her hair down -- literally. Playing a sorority sister, her playful and more casual side comes out in this visual. She's also been bringing that to performances and events, where she's been trading the slacks for cocktail dresses. The Boombox takes a look at how Janelle Monae's style has evolved over the years. Take a look at her fashion choices above.