It’s good to be Jaden Smith: His dad is the Fresh Prince, he’s the new Karate Kid, he’s BFF with Justin Bieber, he’s got an awesome lil’ sis — and he can rap, too! He dropped a new single, ‘Give It to ‘Em,’ on Ryan Seacrest‘s radio show.


Seacrest’s website reports that Smith wrote the track himself, evoking sounds similar to Drake in cadence and to his own pops, Will Smith, in subjects. The way he boasts of his admirable success and wealth makes you forget that the kid — yes, he’s still a kid — is only 13 years old. That and the biceps. This boy must be hittin’ the monkey bars hard!

In the black and white video, Smith rocks shades and a muscle tee, and like his pops, he doesn’t need to curse to sell records. Instead, Smith simply drops lines like “Young, black with accessories / And I’m doing well, never seen a penitentiary / ‘Cause they can’t sentence the greatest MC they’ve ever seen — no I’m not, but if you’re going to bother me, then you better be.” He also drops verses about “being Will’s kid” and nightcaps. Nightcaps? You’re a child, Jaden! Embrace that youth while you have it!

Seacrest reports that though Smith is totally into music, his film career is still active. He’ll costar with his dad once again in M. Night Shyamalan’s ‘After Earth.’ From what we’ve seen and heard, he’s got a solid foundation — and great connections — in both, so get used to him!

Watch Jaden Smith ‘Give It to ‘Em’ Video