Wimberley is a quiet, unassuming town of a little more than 2,600 in the heart of the Texas Hill Country.

But in this little town about 30 miles southwest of Austin is one of the state's most amazing, natural ... and even dangerous wonders.

Jacob's Well is a karstic spring on the northwest side of Wimberley that has served as a popular swimming and diving spot for locals and tourists alike for decades.

From its 12-foot-wide opening, the well goes down vertically about 30 feet, then continues farther until it reaches 120 feet deep. It has two main chambers that lead to two more, including the fourth chamber that has been seen only by a select few cave divers.

According to records, nine people have died while diving deep into the well, often getting stuck in deep gravel in the narrow third chamber.

It's certainly an amazing mystery ... and you can see a few videos of Texas' magical well right here.