It's late July, temperatures are warm and there are still huge banks of snow on the ground in Buffalo, New York, left over from last November's historic snow storm! Yes, snow on the ground in July.These snow banks were created when snow was being removed from city streets into empty lots scattered throughout the city. Well, some of those piles are still standing!

Buffalo TV station WGRZ uncovered the existence of these huge snow piles. They're not recognizable today thanks to the dirt, grass and some trash camouflaging them.

These dirt covered piles of snow look like gigantic hills, but upon closer inspection they leak water and are really cold. According to one expert, these piles of snow could last through August because they've taken on the characteristics of glaciers and will have to slowly melt from the inside out unless the city steps in and tries to melt them by watering them down with hoses.

I can probably speak for a lot of us here in East Texas and Louisiana that we probably wouldn't mind having a left over snow hill on our property to run home to this afternoon.