ABC's “Dancing With The Stars” has only gone through one elimination round so far, but the rumor mill is buzzing that Kirstie Alley and Kendra Wilkinson already have the competition in the bag!

According to ABC insiders, Kendra and Kirstie are expected to ace each round of “DWTS” with ease no matter how they dance, because they’ve got huge fan bases:

“Producers have already heard that fans of the two most popular competitors are organizing a big push to dial in thousands of telephone votes for Kirstie and Kendra each week. Kirstie has the Tinsel Town power elite votes sewn up, and her status as a beloved Emmy winner on the comeback trail make her a slam-dunk for the finals. Her close friends include John Travolta and Kelly Preston, Oprah, Tom Cruises, and the Ted Dansons. The word is already out to vote early and often, and with money like they have,hiring a army of people to make calls will be an easy task.”

As for Kendra:

“Her reality TV base, which includes a lot of teens and young females, is one of the strongest voting blocks for Dancing With The Stars. It’s going to be a horse race between them – but make no mistake, one of these women will trounce the competition. It’s almost like the whole show was staged.”

These claims may not be so far fetched, because if you remember last season when Bristol Palin did very well, (not because of her dancing) but because of her mother's followers. A celebrities fan base most likely will have a huge impact on this show.