A week ago, something quite amazing happened. No, it wasn't the Power ball winners. It was an act of kindness and a display of grit and determination, played out at a middle school wrestling match. This story and video has touched me in such a way, I knew I had to share it with you.  Seventh-grader Jared Stevens took to the mat for his first wrestling match, which in itself is not such an amazing thing - but it is if you have cerebral palsy!

Jared, 13, suffers from this congenital disorder that leaves him wheelchair-bound and with the physical capabilities of a six-month-old. Still, Jared, who is a triplet by the way, wanted to play sports like his brothers, and so he joined the wrestling team.

Jared got the chance to go to the mat in an exhibition match for his Sunset Middle School team against Justin, a student from Freedom Middle School who was picked for the match not because of his weight class or ability, but because his coaches knew he had the biggest heart on the team and would know what to do.

Jared's coach approached the other coach and asked him if he had a kid on his team with a kind heart who would be willing to wrestle Jared.

Watch this video and take pride in both competitors sportsmanship and respect for each other. Be inspired and share this with your children. This a true example of how we should all act and treat others. I can't watch without happy tears, so grab a tissue!