Every since the HBO documentary Leaving Neverland entities have been distancing themselves from Michael Jackson and now a museum in Indianapolis is removing items from the legendary "King of Pop."

According to Rolling Stone, the Children's Museum in Indianapolis removed three Michael Jackson exhibits from their display.  Items removed from public view was a fedora and glove worn by Michael on stage also a signed poster that was on display in the Power of Children exhibit.

However, not all of Michael's items were removed a display as a tribute to Ryan White, the boy who died of complications of AIDS in 1990 still remains in the museum.  Michael dedicated the song "Gone Too Soon" in his honor.

The museum's public relations manager Leslie Oslen said in statement,

As the world’s largest children’s museum, we are very sensitive to our audience. In an excess of caution, and in response to the controversy over the HBO film called ‘Leaving Neverland,’ which directly involved allegations of abuse against children, we removed those objects while we carefully consider the situation more fully.

Are you muting Michael Jackson?  Is this going too far?  Let us know in the comments.