"That game last night was totally Texas!"

"The traffic on the way to work today was absolutely Texas."

In Norway, our state is synonymous with crazy ... wild ... nuts. It's true. In fact, the expression dates back several decades.

Etymologists say that the term originates from Norwegians associating Texas with the American "wild west" which, of course, in their minds eye was nothing but non-stop gunfights and pure chaos.

So, when they say that something is "Texas", they mean that it's out of control.

It's not meant in a derogatory sense, however. Rather, Norwegians simply use the expression to describe “an unpredictable, exciting, sometimes scary atmosphere.”

So, that awesome concert or party you attended last weekend? That was totally Texas.

Texas Monthly cites a number of funny examples of this phrase in action and you can check out the complete article by Dan Solomon here.