"Someone had made this to create lots of damage and harm," according to Falls County Sheriff Parnell McNamara.

An improvised explosive device (IED) was discovered by two young boys in Rosebud Tuesday night.  The device, which was hidden under a bridge, was uncovered by the juveniles while they were hunting for rabbits.  Upon finding the package, one of the boys contacted his father, who, in turn, reached out to the local fire department.

The McLennan County Bomb Squad arrived shortly thereafter and quickly determined that the device was, in fact, an IED.  The squad then proceeded to x-ray the device and found a plastic bottle wrapped in duct tape, a fuse and detonator device and a cooler.  Inside the bottle were shotgun shells and an unidentified, flammable liquid.

Officials sprayed the device with a water cannon to disable it and an ATF agent on site concluded that the device was, indeed, designed to fire shrapnel.

No injuries were reported and authorities indicated that the situation remains under investigation.