From a gangster rap pioneer to a family-friendly actor in films like 'Are We There Yet,' Ice Cube has cemented himself as a versatile entertainer that can reach the masses on multiple levels.

Now he can add 'Sesame Street' guest to his resume, as he took time out of his busy schedule to hang with Elmo and teach him, as well as viewers, about the word "astounding."

"Astounding is when something is so amazing it catches you by surprise," explains the respected lyricist, director and actor.

Cube then proceeds to do a few magic tricks, like making a giant penny disappear. Then he grabs a magic hat for his second trick and makes a baby dinosaur come out, giving the rapper another chance to show Elmo what "astounding" means.

In his last trick, Ice Cube turns himself into an actual ice cube in puppet form. What's funny is that the makers of the puppet actually make the cube look like the rapper, complete with a goatee and droopy eyes. The skit is extremely cute and funny at the same time, and if anything, it shows us just how far hip-hop has come.

Who would've thought the man who rapped "When I'm called off, I got a sawed-off, squeeze the trigger and bodies are hauled off," would be standing next to Elmo in one of the most popular children shows of all time. Pretty crazy, huh?

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