2401 E. 5th Street is where you can find Shivers Snack Shack in Tyler and there I have found the best shaved ice I have ever had.  Now I have been eating, making, and even selling frozen treats in my lifetime, but Shivers has the formula down to a science.  I first heard of Shivers from Lucky Larry from Mix 93.1.


So today me and my editor Jason jumped in the car and took a trip to get some of this afternoon delight.  You can see by their menu that they have a lot of options to choose from  - flavors like peach, pickle, Spider-Man, Superman, Scooby Doo, just to name a few, so it was hard for me to decide.

So I went and played it safe and got (Drum roll) Grape!  Yeah, I went real basic while Jason lived on the wild side and got Butter Pecan with Condensed Milk and I must say for it to be 84 degrees outside this was well worth the trip.


The Grape reminds me of putting a cup of kool-aid in the freezer and letting it not totally freeze, but get it to that slush and it was really good.

Now if you want more of an ice cream feel, the Butter Pecan will do just fine and both medium-sized orders were under $5!


So while you are out with the kids over the weekend or on your lunch break and want to treat yourself, Shivers is where it's at and as you can see, Jason and I weren't the only ones with Shivers in mind on a Tuesday afternoon.

Any other good snow cone  or shaved ice places in Tyler?  Let me know so we can compare!