We are less than 2 months away from Hurricane season some are still feeling the effects of the 2017 Hurricane season that was one the most destructive events to date and now 4 hurricane names are being retired.

The World Meteorological Organization reported on Thursday (April 12th) that it has retired the names Harvey, Irma, Maria, and Nate who combined caused 224 deaths and billions of dollars in damages.

Instead the following names have been replaced with Harold, Idalia, Margot, and Nigel.  Each name from the World Meteorological Association are placed in alphabetical order alternating between male and female names.

The four hurricanes the names were retired because of the damage they caused last year, which means no other hurricanes will bear those names again.

Harvey parked over Houston for days, Irma caused significant destruction in the Caribbean, Maria devastated Puerto Rico, and Nate caused 44 deaths in Nicaragua and Honduras.

The National Hurricane Center has retired 86 hurricanes since 1953, they maintained the list and update it by an international committee.