On Friday, the nation stopped as word of the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Conn., made its way around the country. The news of the 20 children and six teachers who lost their lives brought our country to a stand still.

Over the weekend names, ages and pictures of the children who passed and heroic stories of teachers who lost their lives protecting children began to come to light. This story has touched so many hearts and caused so many tears, but many of us feel that there is nothing we can do being so far away. I did some research and found that is not true.

Here is a list of ways that anyone can support the families of Sandy Hook Elementary.

  • The United Way of Western Connecticut with the Newtown Savings Bank has established the "Sandy Hook School Support Fund."
  • A Facebook page for the Emilie Parker Fund has been created with information about how to donate to the Emilie Parker Memorial Account.
  • Project Linus, a nonprofit that brings comfort to children in crisis, has arranged to send more than 700 warm, cozy handmade blankets to children affected by this latest shooting.
  • A former Sandy Hook student has set up the Sandy Hook Elementary School Victims Relief Fund in conjunction with Crowdrise, to raise funds for the victims, families and others affected by the tragic shooting. Donations will be directed to the Sandy Hook PTSA, according to the fundraising site.
  • The American Red Cross has been asked by to provide assistance. Some of the aid includes mental health professionals deployed to the area and 50 units of blood to Danbury Hospital.
  • The nonprofit mental health clinic Newtown Youth and Family Services will be open for grief counseling. They say all donations made at this time will go to helping those impacted.
  • Some private funds have been set up to help victims as well. The Newtown Memorial fund is taking donations and is also actively recruiting volunteers and offers of help of all kinds.
  • The band OneRepublic has also started a fund to raise money for those affected. You can find details on how to donate to OneRepublic's fund here.
  • You can send words of support and messages for families affected in an Evergram. They will be collated and given to the families in the future.
  • The Connecticut Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection says anyone wishing to volunteer should call (800) 203-1234.