All dog owners know one simple fact. Dogs are a member of your family. Just months into owning a pup, they are no longer a pet. They are a part of your family that cannot be replaced. For some, they are like children. This East Texas couple's furry family member needs your help. 

It is hard to watch any member of your family struggle with health problems, especially the little furry ones. Dogs are so helpless when they feel under the weather. They cannot take themselves to the doctor and pay for the medication or operations they need. When the owners also cannot afford the needed procedures, we can all lend a helping hand.

Bertrum is a two-year-old Dachshund, "weenie dog", that has been an important part of an East Texas family for his entire life. The Bohon's love their little puppy like he was their own flesh and blood. But, as Kori Bohon describes, they need a little help to get him back on his feet.

Bertrum is having some bad back issues. Kori Bohon explains, "He has had 3 back episodes with partial temporary paralysis in the past six months. " This tiny cutie needs a laser back surgery to help save him from permanent paralysis, which would end his happy dog days.

The surgery must take place in Dallas, which is a bit of a drive for these Tyler residents. On top of commuting costs, the surgery and the post-op visits to the vet will be terribly expensive. The Bohons are both students and have a "limited" income. They do nt want to see their pup suffer or leave them, but they cannot afford the procedure he needs all by themselves.

They are only at $390 and they need $2,000 to help Bertrum through this tough time.

Sure, there are too many dogs and other animals in our area that also need help. But once you see this little guy's face, you have a hard time deciding not to donate.

Kori Bohon via GoFundMe

Check out the family's GoFundMe page to get updates on the dog and find out how you can help this four legged buddy walk again. Also, to find out a little more on how to help other animals in the East Texas area, click right here.