"The bitter lifelong taste of a bad tattoo lasts much longer than the sweet flavor of a "good deal"

Malone's East Texas Tattoo Company has r

etail clothing lines and out of state world renounced artists spending time in the shop.

Questions You Can Ask The Tattoo Expert:
1. Do you do cover ups?
2. Does the quality of your work take priority over the cost of the work?
3. Do you specialize in a specific genre of tattoo styles?
4. How do you sterilize your equipment?

How To Treat Your New Tattoo:

  1. Do NOT use Neosporin to heal a tattoo.
  2. No submerging a new tattoo in water for the first week, more importantly a lake or a pond.
  3. Always wash your hands before touching a new tattoo.
  4. Pat don't scratch!
  5. Don't let your friends or anyone touch your new tattoo while it's healing.