The girl that was named by the internet to be the "world's ugliest girl" stands proudly to proclaim that there is nothing wrong with her, but there is something wrong with all of us. She states that we all are having trouble defining ourselves. This statement will be one of the most powerful speeches you have ever heard. 

When you look into the mirror, what do you feel? When you are having a bad hair day or your pants fit a little too tight, do you feel embarrassed to leave the house? Have you ever said to yourself, "They would find me attractive, I am too ugly, skinny, or fat?

Stop doing these things.

Find a positive outlook. Look for the things you do have. The great blessings you are made of instead of looking solely on what might be "wrong" with you.

Don't believe me? Let this strong and courageous young lady give you the lesson of a lifetime.