Everyone loves to enjoy the great outdoors during the summer, but sometimes mosquitoes can just make being outside unbearable. Try these tips to keep them away from you and your family this year!

Mosquitoes...what a pain, right? They seem to constantly be biting you while you are outside enjoying the nice weather and ruining those nice suntans with itchy, red bumps.

Most of the time, bug sprays smell and just don't do the trick when trying to keep away mosquitoes. Luckily, we have some other tips to try for keeping them away from you this summer, give them a try!

1. Landscaping

If you are getting the most bites out in your yard, try planting some things that mosquitoes steer clear of (that's right, mosquitoes won't go near several types of plants!). The smell of lavender, peppermint, catnip, rosemary and citronella grass disgusts mosquitoes, so planting any of those in your yard will keep the number of them down.

It's also important to remember that standing water attracts mosquitoes, because that is where they lay their eggs. Bird baths, pet bowls or small wading pools should be cleaned every few days to ensure that mosquitoes are not taking advantage of your yard.

2. Topical Treatments

As aforementioned, certain smells keep mosquitoes away. So if you do not have the option to have plants around you that keep them away, try using one of those scents in a oil form as a topical remedy. Peppermint oil or lemon eucalyptus oil are commonly used for such, and can be mixed with olive oil or another cooking oil to provide better coverage on your skin.

Although not an oil, a combination of crushed parsley in apple cider vinegar is another scent that mosquitoes don't like. This mixture can be used topically on your skin like any of the oils, or can be used to submerge a handkerchief or towel in that is kept nearby.

3. Change Your Style

Mosquitoes are attracted to dark colors, particularly those in the blue family, so consider wearing lighter colors while outside this summer. Additionally, scented hair products, deodorants or perfumes attract mosquitoes. Any related products should be used sparingly while outside during the summer.

4. Eat Them

No, people should NOT eat mosquitoes, but there are other animals that need to. If you can handle having bats or frogs around your yard, you may manage to diminish the mosquito population. These natural predators are self-sufficient when there are mosquitoes to feed off of.

And if you are eating outside around the mosquitoes, try adding some garlic to your meal. Yes, mosquitoes are similar to vampires in this sense, they do not like garlic at all. Plus, summer is a perfect time to try out some new recipes anyway!