The NFL season is one my favorite times of the year. There aren't many things I look forward to more than sitting on my couch on Sundays and watching football.

While I'm not a Dallas Cowboys (I'm a Patriots guy, myself), that doesn't mean that we aren't completely surrounded by Cowboys fans in East Texas. How do you think they will do this season?

The Cowboys, who haven't won a Super Bowl in nearly 20 years, open the season Sunday night against the New York Giants at AT&T Stadium. We all know the NFC East isn't a walk in the park, but are the Cowboys primed for a better 2013?

Dallas finished 8-8 last season -- will Tony Romo and Co. do better this year? The Cowboys are always under a microscope for being "America's Team," and Dallas fans are never easy on their boy Tony Romo.

So, you tell us: What will the Cowboys' record be in 2013?