All of the eye-popping news is coming out of H-Town right now. First we had the stylish #MrStealYourGrandma,, now we have #IWantMultipleCakes. Honestly, I can't believe this man is still breathing, but here goes.

© Facebook/Lonnie Turner

So, now we have Lonnie Turner of Houston,Texas who is requesting that his wife and side chick get along so he can have #thebestofbothworlds. SMH. This dude took to FB and posted a pic of his wife and side chick side by side and well, you can see the caption below for yourself.

© Facebook

Others have taken to FB requesting that he remove the post because of the disrespect for the wife.

© Facebook

Looking at the photo, in my opinion the two women kind of sorta look a like. It could just be my eyes, but I am hoping that he did this as a joke and maybe he is referring to his wife as having dual personalities. You know how some people refer to their spouse as their girlfriend or boyfriend. I really hope that is the case. If it is not, and this is real, well then he ain't what the bird left on the branch and he needs his ass kicked. #SorryButNotSorry