A Houston area sophomore has been sent to an alternative school following accusations of being high on drugs at school. This is despite the fact that all of her drug screenings came back 100 percent clean.

16-year-old Hailey Gibbons' ordeal began after she arrived late to class and was told to take a tardy form to the school office. The school's assistant principal (who had never met Hailey previously) concluded she was acting strange and instructed the nurse to screen the girl for intoxication.

Despite protesting, Hailey maintained she was completely sober and felt confident that the drug screen would clear her of any wrongdoing.

Hailey told  Fox 26 in Houston, "If they would have known me they would have known that I would not be on any type of drugs and the fact that they kept accusing me over and over again, when they just don't know anything."

Hailey's mother was summoned to the school and the pair quickly made a trip to Quest Diagnostics in Klein to have an 11 panel drug screen completed.

The results were negative for all potential intoxicants.

She was screened for alcohol, marijuana, cocaine, barbiturates, opiates and amphetamines. The panel indicated Hailey had not taken any of the substances.

Klein ISD, where Hailey attends school, ignored the results, however, and has chosen to go forward with the girl's punishment of attending an alternative school for troubled youth for 30 days.

"So now you have a student with proof, scientific evidence the she was not taking drugs. The school district says we don't care about that, you are gone anyway. And they label this child a drug abuser in her permanent school record. It's wrong and it's a civil rights violation," said Chris Tritico, Hailey's attorney.

The school, for its part, has issued the following statement:

"KISD takes seriously allegations of impairment. KISD also takes seriously the possible use of illegal substances by students. KISD uses a variety of methods to determine whether a student may be impaired at school. While we will not discuss any specific instances, there are multiple reasons why certain outside sources may not be given weight in a matter such as this."

Hailey's mother, Jennifer Saxton said, "They are more worried about being right than doing what's right. Her reputation, her school record, I mean it affects everything. She's not going to graduate with her friends, she's not going to go to prom."

The family is presently considering a lawsuit against the school.