As if 'Preachers of L.A.' is not enough, we now have video tapes being leaked of gospel artists. Earlier this week, I told you about the story on Kevin Terry being caught on tape doing oral favors for an unidentified man during the Hot Mess with Luscious Ice.

I wonder sometimes if these are these publicity stunts, because we live in a world that accepts homosexuals. As a homosexual you can marry the person that you love, in some states, and there are even companies that set up benefits for the significant other.

Just for the record, homosexuality is not a new issue for the black church. This is an issue that has gone on for years. I think it is sad how the church handles the situation on either side. If you remember when Donnie McClurkin came out and admitted he was gay, then he informed us that he was changing his lifestyle.

Now that he has changed his lifestyle, he was asked not to perform at an event because there would be a gay audience there and the promoters did not want to offend anyone. REALLY?

So now we have this issue with Kevin Terry's personal life, that happened to be leaked on the Internet. I checked out his Facebook account and he only has 2,313 likes. My thought, maybe he needs more and this is a good way to drive traffic to any social media account you have.

Someone even tweeted gospel singer and minister Deitrick Haddon, who is also the star and producer of Oxygen's Preacher's of L.A., if he knew of this mishap, he response was "Don't know who that is ... never heard of him!!" What are the exclamations about Deitrick?

This is a big ole hot mess to me because no one from the church community has stepped up to say, "Let's pray for this brother." What happened to "Love as you would want God to love you?"  In my opinion, Kevin has done all he can to own what he did publicly, but I see no support from this community that is constantly begging and encouraging people to become apart of God's house and live the life that God would have you to live.

Honestly, if I did not already have a relationship with God, based on what I see, I would not be encouraged to do so. My opinion, the Church and some Christians do not represent what being a woman or man of God is.