Fall is our favorite time of the year, because the weather gets cooler, the holidays are approaching, and that means a renewal. Yes, a HAIR renewal. The Fall season allows women to experience more hair colors, cuts, and textures. Curly, straight, weaved-up, or natural... Read on to find a Hot Fall style for you! These are our top five hottest hair trends for the Fall. Enjoy!


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Sleek & Sexy With Bangs

X-Factor judge and ex-Destiny's Child singer Kelly Rowland tops our list with the hottest look of the Fall. Sleek & Sexy with Bangs. To achieve this look, you must make sure to fully straighten your hair from root to tip. If you have naturally curly hair you may need to opt for a chemical relaxer, or a Brazilian blow-out to get hair to fully straighten. If you choose to wear extensions, be sure the woven hair matches your real hair. There is nothing worse than a weave that looks like a weave. Add extensions and use flat iron to blend textures of hair together. Use a holding spray or spritz to hold locks in place. Finish look with sheen or conditioner. The shinier, the better! Kelly makes this look elegant and so can you!
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Free & Natural

This look is simple, yet chic. Solange Knowles pulls this look off fiercely with her free-flowing natural locks. If you want to try a bold, hip look for the Fall, then this is the style for you! To get this look you need two major things: Hair and a blow dryer. After your hair is washed and conditioned, set with small/medium rollers and sit under the dryer. (Your stylist will determine how long you need to dry) Then remove rollers and use large toothed comb to comb thru curls. Depending on the type and texture of hair you have, you may need spritz, mousse, or pomade to hold waves/curls in place. After gentle comb thru, finish look with a light oil sheen. Viola!
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Bold Color With Layers

Toni Braxton always looks stunning! Toni typically rocks extensions to achieve great lengths with her looks, and if your hair is short like hers and you want length, you can try this style also. To get Toni's look, consult with your stylist about color. Depending on your specific skin tone, there is sure to be a color that will compliment it beautifully. Toni's signature highlight color is called "winter wheat". If you choose this style as your look for the season, be sure you get a color that you will be comfortable with. Your stylist will most likely color you hair first after deep washing. Usually, a stylist won't color and relax hair on the same day, so you may have to come back to finish the style. The hair, if any is added and layers are then cut to flatter face. Gently flat iron and complete look with a semi-glossy sheen!
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Dark & Sensual

What we love about Kim Kardashian is that she is no stranger to a good weave. Yes, Kim K wears weave ladies and gentlemen. This look is always a classic winner for Fall and it's super-easy to achieve! To get Kimmy's look, you need to determine if this look fits your personal style. There are no highlights - just soft, long layers, and plush chocolate hues. You stylist can help you get layers that will flatter your face type. Start off with your hair getting as straight as possible. Deep condition, then flat iron. If desired, add extensions and cut layers to face. Keep in mind that it's Fall, so long layers are extremely popular! Finish look with a sheen. If you are a brunette, this style will make your eyes pop this Fall. The simplicity of this look is awesome because you can wear it down for a romantic night, or put in a sleek ponytail while working and you will still look fab!
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Wild, Colorful & Sexy

Rihanna is definatley our wild child of the group, but what we love about her style is that it is bold and unapologetic. Ri-ri is no stranger to color and she is not afraid to use it. Believe it or not, bold color can work for you too! Be sure to consult with a stylist BEFORE you choose a bold color. If you have color commitment anxiety, don't be afraid to opt for a wig. No dye, no worries. However, if you have chosen this as your hot Fall look, then get your dye, and have fun! This style is hot and not really to be taken too seriously. After all, it's just hair. Your stylist should go over the after hair dyeing care for maintenance. Remember, with color, the worst thing you can do is let your roots grow out too much. This look is very high maintenance and should be treated with care. You most likely will have to visit your stylist for a color treatment about once a month.