On the Saturday edition of the Shawn Knight Show I usually try to show love to all beauty salons, and barber shops in East Texas and the surrounding areas.  Reason being on the weekends most of us are going to our favorite beautician or barber to get our hair styled or cut for that date night, job interview, or a regular night on the town.

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Sunday (April 30) is National Hairstylist Appreciation Day and this would be a great opportunity to show your love and appreciation to your favorite barber or beautician.  Face it, being a barber or beautician isn’t easy!  They are basically responsible for the appearance of your client and we all have had at least one bad experience with a barber or beautician one time in our lives.

Shawn Knight

So in honor of National Hairstylist Appreciate Day I would like for you East Texans to show your love to your favorite barber or beautician by filling out the form below and the most barber/beauty salons with the most votes below will get a shout out on Wednesday during the Shawn Knight Show.