June 16, 1971, Mama gave birth to a hell raisin' heavenly son.  See the doctor tried to smack me, but I smacked him back.  My first words were "thug for life"
and "Papa pass the Mac."  2Pac "Cradle To The Grave"

With the release of his highly anticipated biopic "All Eyes On Me" Hot 107-3 Jamz will remember the late rapper 2Pac Shakur in song on Friday June 16th during the Shawn Knight Show starting at 9am.

I will take you down memory lane playing some of your favorite 2Pac songs and of course the more I check out his trailer from Movie Clips Trailers I'm more convinced to checking out his movie "All Eyes On Me" over the weekend.

What is your favorite 2Pac song?  Drop me a line and maybe you will hear it tomorrow on Hot 107-3 Jamz.