Heavy rain and thunderstorms continue to move across East Texas today. Some of the storms have produced marble to quarter size hail. The National Weather Service says an additional two to four inches of rain is expected in the area today.

Flash flooding is also a major concern and motorist are urged to use caution when approaching flood prone roadways.


More than ten horses died following a fire over the weekend. The Harris County Fire Marshal's Office says the roof of a suburban Houston stable had already collapsed when firefighters arrived at the blaze on Saturday. Four horses were able to be rescued, but one was severely burned.


President Barack Obama plans to go to the mat for extending the payroll tax cut which expires at the end of the year. He'll speak tomorrow at the same high school in Kansas where Teddy Roosevelt delivered his 1920 "New Nationalism" speech. Like Roosevelt, Obama will argue it's time to help hard-working, middle-class families, not the rich and well connected.


Survivors of Pearl Harbor are gathering in Hawaii to remember the attack that brought the U.S. into World War II 70 years ago. They'll be among 3,000 people attending a ceremony the Navy and the National Park Service host each year at a site overlooking where the USS Arizona sank in the attack.


Come spring, bill payers sending checks through the U.S. Mail may need to start writing those checks a little earlier. The Postal Service is planning cuts aimed at reducing costs and avoiding bankruptcy. The cuts include closing about half the mail processing centers across the country. That could lengthen the distance mail travels and delay delivery.


Doctors say they're encouraged by the Rev. Billy Graham's improvement as he recovers from pneumonia. But they haven't set a date for his discharge from a North Carolina hospital. Graham was admitted Wednesday night after suffering from congestion, a cough and slight fever. Family members have been visiting with the 93-year-old evangelist this weekend.


Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich took the lead in a poll of Republican voters in Iowa, followed by Texas Congressman Ron Paul. Gingrich received support from 25 percent of likely voters in the leadoff Iowa caucus, while Paul attracted 18 percent and former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney had 16 percent in the Des Moines Register's Iowa Poll released over the weekend... Businessman Herman Cain announced the suspension of his presidential campaign Saturday in Atlanta. Texas Governor Rick Perry drew just 6 percent support in the poll.