Being a server in the food industry always has its ups and downs. If you've ever worked in the industry, you know that every day is an experience.

Let's count down the top five horror stories that have happened to me while working in Tyler! Yes, these are all true. And for the sake of privacy (and sanity), I can't reveal where these things happened.

5. As a new waitress in town, I got a job at a local upscale bar as a cocktail waitress and during my second week on the job, I come into work expecting a normal shift and the bar closed down with no notice! On to the next job, I guess.

4. Walking up to greet tables in a restaurant and having them be in the middle of a brutal argument about who cheated on who the past weekend. so much for a civil conversation about drinks there.

3. Having a customer get sick while you're waiting on them is always interesting, but what is worse is seeing them run to the bathroom to vomit and not even make it through the doors. Having to clean that up is even worse.

2. I shared a party with a coworker of mine with more than 20 people. The customers ran us ragged the entire time, demanding our constant attention despite having other tables, too, only to leave us $20 to split on a $300-plus tab.

1. Years ago, a customer of mine choked on a piece of his dinner and had a heart attack at the table. EMS came and tried to help, but sadly, the man died on the floor in the middle of my shift.

Love your wait staff! We go through more than you can imagine before the dinner shift alone.